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The Death System

I sure am a busy mod today, aren't I? Anyway, here's the death system, which will apply to all character death from now on.

First Death: Because this is the character's first death, nothing will happen. While they may be gone for a day or a few days, they will return without anything missing.

Second Death and onwards: The character stays dead for twice as long as they had the first time, and, when they return, something is missing. It can be a memory (not ALL memories, just a specific one), an ability, a sense, the use of a certain limb, anything that the character wouldn't want to lose, essentially.

The only way they would be able to regain what was lost would be to partake in a trial, a challenge of the most irritating variety. T What I mean is, the character with the loss will have to do something they'd loathe to regain their loss.

These include the following-

* If the character has something they enjoy doing, they must avoid doing it for a week.
* The character would have to harm (but not kill) someone close to them WITHOUT telling them why they're doing it.
* If the character is normally evil or a jerk, they must be kind to anyone and everyone for a week. If they're normally kind and loving? They MUST be cruel. And this is without candy or anything; it has to be them on their own.
* If they hate someone? They MUST act loving towards them for a week. Like...really <3. Against their will, as usual.
* They like dudes? They have to hang with chicks. They like girls? They have to hang with guys.
* They have to disclose all of their secrets publicly.
* They cannot lie for a week.
* Happy people must be sad, sad people must be happy. For a week, as usual.
* No swearing for a week.

You get the basic idea. Essentially, the character CANNOT like their trial.

Now, any deaths afterwards would add onto this, adding more losses, and increasing the challenge of the trial.

No death for a month - three months: If a character avoids dying for a long enough time, their death tolls will be lifted, meaning that, if they were to be killed again, the process would start all over. Sooo, avoiding character death has its rewards.

Anyway, I that's about everything for now.
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