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VortexxWorld Plots/Events Community
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4th-Feb-2010 08:45 pm - Valentine's Day, Day 107
So valentine's day is next week, and that means a new adventure for our characters!

So here's the plot the mods and I came up with.

The communicators are going to send out messages to everyone. It will be worded to imply that there is another person in vortexxworld who has an interest in them. Like Kurogane might get a message that makes it sound like Sakura has a crush on him. This does not mean the message is necessarily real, or written to voice someone's feelings at all. This is a communicator malfunction. The messages could be anonymous and posted in the recipient's journal, or could be posted from the sender's journal (as if without their consent)

Along with the message some people will also receive a flower, the smell of this flower will cause either a feeling of lust, affection, longing, love, for the person the message is from. Again, say Sakura's journal posts a message about her liking him, he'd receive a flower so he'd start wanting to follow her around and etc . 

The effects of this plot will last until 109, where the new plot begins.

Please comment below with questions, or to talk among each other about who would like to get messages from who.

EDIT: I forgot to add that one character can be the center of two people's affection/interest. lets try to keep it even, but some people can start trying to outwit each other for their intended's affection.

Pairings (In no particular chaser/Chasee order):
Haruhi Suzumiya/Riff

6th-Jan-2010 11:24 am - EVENT! Days 103 and 105
We're going to have some sort of event every other 'game day,' alternating between major and minor events. this isn't an attempt to get things moving more, nooooo

anyway, here's what we have lined up for the next 2 days, but we REALLY need sugguestions and feedback from you guys too so we can incorporate them and make stuff better.


Pretty simple concept, players wake up on 103 in the morning to find themselves in another's body! You can do it within your own characters (if you have more than one) OR with another mun's permission. I'm opening up all my characters for the swap, and anyone else that wants to also, feel free to comment. for posting, just use your journal, and maybe get yourself one of their icons to use for the event, so we know who we're looking at :)

Body swaps and openings under cutCollapse )

DAY 105-6?

for at least day 105, 106 if you want, all water in vortexx will turn to ice. could be residual from sakura's blizzard, or just freaky occurance. Vortexx's got a history of weird weather, so trying to bring that back a little bit :)

feel free to ask any questions or voice concerns :) Next would be a valentines day event, but there's not been a solid plan for it, so all ideas very welcome :)
6th-Oct-2009 05:51 pm - Halloween plottage
OK, so I've been thinking since Halloween is coming up, something spooky and creepy is in order. I'm not exactly sure how spooky this is but I was thinking what if the mirrors were cursed with some spell and whoever looks into it, their reflection comes out and pretty much has the opposite personality. So in essence, you'd be playing two characters (one ic and ooc).

It would cause a bit of havoc and/or possibly some lulzy times~ =>W<= <333 I would say indicate which one you're playing in the subject line or something like that so that it doesn't get confusing. Really, it doesn't matter how you handle that part but would something like this be interesting to you guys? In order for them to become one again, I was thinking something like breaking the mirror that they came out of or just vanishing after a certain period of time (yessss very creative I know =w=;;;; lolol).


Second plot is specifically for a Host Club event but I was thinking would anyone be interested in storytelling times event? You know the traditional, get around in a circle, turn the lights off and use candles, drink hot cocoa, and tell spooky stories type of thing? =>W<=;;;;

Suggestions? Concerns? Discuss here please~<33333 Thanks!
13th-Aug-2009 09:02 pm - Layout of Hot Springs Event
quick recovery
Hey guys~ so here is the gist of how this is going to work. I'll start a post where initially every guest will be arriving at the Hot Springs. So as we've done with the events in the past, we'll start off with everyone interacting and greeting one another with food and beverage around and then have the clients and hosts gradually move to the bathing area. When this time comes, I'll set up several other threads labeled "Hot Spring: Male", "Hot Spring: Female", etc with the description of what's there.

Now as for the bathing area itself, it will be quite big with several different baths available. The most common in Japan are the electrical current-bath, herbal bath, salt bath, jacuzzi-styled bath, water bath, and a good old fashioned regular hot bath and most places have a sauna too, etc. And here is where we'll add in the plot we spoke of in the past in this post. I know the idea has been changed a little to fit this event but the idea is still there. Since there was a downpour, we'll make it so that some of those baths have been affected by the jusenkyo-type curse where if you take a dip in that particular bath, you're cursed to turn into some kind of animal (cat, duck, pig, and panda.) or the opposite gender like in Ranma 1/2. But the catch is it only turns you into that thing when dumped with cold water and vice versa hot water returns you back to how you were. Please remember that while you are an animal, you will not have the ability to talk unless you choose the gender-swap bath instead.

And like for anything, you do not have to be affected by this. You can simply interact with those who have been affected thus helping in figuring out what's going on. As for any players who do not wish to take part in the host event please feel free to go with the original idea where your character finds a pond else where and is turned into something.

As I've mentioned before, ppl could find a cure for it or it can just be a temporary thing where it goes away in x amount of days. Up to you guys.

Feel free to throw around ideas and suggestions here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away~

Thanks guys and I hope you all have fun with it~<333

29th-May-2009 09:46 am - dream door opens
MISC - Kuromi
Ok, so Kuromi's going to open a dream door to try and grant Jezabel's wish. Basically, Kuromi's turning humans (except cain and cassian) into animals. THIS INCLUDES YOU JEZZIE XDDD Magical people and non-humans are likely to be unaffected as well.

If you'd like to participate, it's open for all to do so, but there will still need to be someone to dispel the nightmare magic.

any questions, ask away :D
11th-May-2009 12:46 pm - ongoing event?
MISC - Kuromi
Ok, so Kuromi uses nightmare magic that tends to affect people in a give area, but it has to be the wish of someone. For instance, if someone wishes that they wanted to be a great cook, they might turn into an oven and try to cook everyone and everything near by. or if someone wants to be a hero like in a jungle movie, people near by might turn into jungle creatures as well as the surrounding environment while the one with the wish is like that hero. (episodes of onegai my melody are youtube to see such things if you really want).

anyway, so i'm wondering if anyone had a wish or wouldn't mind being inadvertently affected by someone's wish.
21st-Apr-2009 10:28 pm - Hello~ fellow vortexx citizens~<3
quick recovery
It is April~~~~ and when we think of April~ we think of April showers! BO HA HA HA HA HA~ Ok... maybe the evil laugh wasn't necessary but I have a few ideas that I'd like to throw out there for everyone.

Idea 1: I was thinking of a flood event, where citizens have to be afloat on something or be living at the high point of a building and in order to transfer from one place to another you need to either fly (if you could) or use some other means to float over to the next place. This also means yes, food will have to be fetched under the water or enjoy the fruits that grow high up in a tree or something, lol.

Idea 2: When I thought of the rain for some reason I thought of the jyusenkyo ponds in Ranma 1/2. ->W<-;;;; Jyusenkyo ponds are the cursed ponds that Ranma and a few of the other characters fell into by mistake. It's said that depending on what thing died in the pond, you turn into that thing when you fall into it. So for Ranma, he fell into a pond where a girl drowned so he turns into a girl when you pour water onto him and turns back into a guy when you pour hot water onto him. ->W<-;;; Nifty huh? Well, we could take this two ways. Either have the ponds appear so the characters could fall into it or have the rain on what day be the determinant on what the character turns into. I figured it would be fun(ny) if it rains sporadically through out April~ soo when you dry or pour hot water you revert back and whenever it RAINS!! BO HA HA HA HA HA~ You yea... turn into whatever thing you decide on. This could either be a temporary thing, or someone could find the cure for it. It's up to you guys.

Let me know what you guys think, k? Your voices are very important sooo let it be hearrrrrrrrrrd~ ->W<-/

Votes for ideas:
Idea 1: 0
Idea 2: 4

Feel free to discuss between each other~ -^W^- <3333 Thanks!
7th-Apr-2009 11:02 pm - Permissions?
Hifumi &amp; Sukekiyo
Because people wanted him to, Minagawa will be opening up a bakery/café thing soon. But since there’s no money, and I know he wouldn’t just give everyone sweets out of the kindness of his heart. I was thinking that …

1) For the bigger orders he’d ask for favors in return.
2) But more importantly (and this is the bit I’m asking permission for) I think that for his own sick pleasure, 3 of every 10 bakery items will have some kind of hex on them.

Now, this doesn’t really have to be a ‘plot’ at all, (unless you want it to be) but vortexxplots is the best place to ask about that type of thing, right? I just wanted to make sure this was okay before I put it in a log or journal that this was his plan.
I have no idea what type of hexs or curses yet. I assume I’d have to take it up with each mun as they decided to subject their character to an evil pastry.

But what do you guys think? Yay? Nay?
Ok, so looking at the feedback that I received the vote was almost unanimous in favor of Paris by Night with Elegant Victorian only receiving one vote. So the theme for the host club even for this month will be

Paris by Night Valentines Day.

For those who missed the previous post about details can be found here or you can scroll to the bottom of this post for theme details.

Remember this event/log is open to all members of Vortexx.

Event Log FormatCollapse )

Paris by Night Valentines Day Theme DetailsCollapse )

Have fun, and I hope that you all enjoy the event. Hosts, please respond to your respective thread as quickly as possible one I get the log up.

Until the next,
Susurrus (Belus,Dante, Ed, Kio, Kyouya)-mun
10th-Feb-2009 09:14 am - V-Day Plot
Well it seems like the plot for Valentines Day is a go! To help eliminate some confusion this blog will let people know about other possible love letters.

Post if you want your char to get a Valentine [what type and from who]. Also Post if you want to send someone some love [what type]. Be prepared if you get multiples.


Ritsuka-Sakura, Kio,  Kyouya
Yuuko-Dante, Kyouya,  Fai[with a box of chocolates]
Sakura-Kyouya, Fai
Each Host member-Kyouya
Kurogane- Fai

PS: Everyone will get a Valentine from Ed over the communicator. But it will not be part of this plot.
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